Acció>Cinema: Fail Better

Screening Acció>Cinema


Debate with Eva Garrido (director) and Zosen Bandido, urban artist and skater who gives courses on the public space and urban art.

A camera observes Plaça dels Àngels. Beyond the clichés, this emblematic Barcelona square is pure human effervescence, where young people skate and sing, dance and express themselves, and where you have to stop, as this film does, to understand the vibrations of the present.


06/05/2022 - 20:30H
CCCB Auditori


Acció>Cinema is a project that’s being promoted by Catalunya Film Festivals in association with the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation belonging to the Ministry for Foreign Action and Open Government and the Ministry of Culture, which promotes the audiovisual as an instrument for promoting an educated, critical and active population for a fairer world. We connect the world of cooperation with that of cinema, audience and reality, critical analysis and action.

Within the framework of the Acció Cinema programme, the D’A Film Festival Barcelona and the Reteena Festival are offering a series of activities around contemporary youth. These activities are used to address many of the concerns, troubles and issues that form part of the identities of young people today.