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In Pacifiction, director Albert Serra and his team gifted us with one of the most incredible visual journeys that one can ask for today – widely recognized as one of the most incredible films of the year outside our borders. Conceived as a co-production between Spain, Portugal, France and Germany, the journey of producing Pacifiction is quite another journey in itself, with a good dose of surfing waves and navigating obstacles throughout the process of putting together the production of the film.

Montse Triola from Andergraun Films together with the film’s Portuguese and French co-producers, Joaquim Sapinho (Rosa Filmes) and Pierre-Olivier Barder (Idéale Audience) present us as a case study into the creative journey, the financial and production process behind making Pacifiction – from the initial seed to the first foundations of the project, to the search for partners and financing in other European countries, to aspects of the budget or details about their experience accessing the Franco-Portuguese bilateral co-production fund, and other European funding.

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29/03/2023 - 16:00H
Sala Mompou (SGAE)


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With Montse Triola | Producer, Andergraun Films