Reality check: Why’s and wont’s of co-production

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Workshop for emerging producers focused on the pros and cons of international co-production, what to do and what to avoid when embarking on an audiovisual project producing with partners in other countries, as well as editorial and strategic reasons why venture into international co-production with other partners and other cultures.

A session dedicated to emerging producers navigating the do’s and dont’s of international co-production, understanding the wider context and priorities of film funds and financiers, facing failure and dealing with responsibility, Roshanak will provide a fierce defense of the labor of love that involves being a film producer and making films for a highly competitive international market.

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30/03/2023 - 15:00H
Sala Raval (CCCB)


Workshop in English
Free entrance with previous registration

With Roshanak Behesht | Producer & CEO In Good Company