Keynote: The Nostradamus Report and the future of the film industry



A unique look into how the screen industry will look like in 3-5 years time.

The Nostradamus Report is a prestigious annual publication that looks into the future of the screen industries five years from now through research and interviews with leading industry experts. We are thrilled to have this year the prestigious designer and media analyst behind the Nostradamus Report presenting an exclusive preview at D’A Film Lab Barcelona. The full report will be presented in a special event during Cannes’ Marché du Film 2023, so here’s a unique chance to get a sneak peek of where the audiovisual industry is heading towards.

Streamers, the booming moment for series’ production, coping with audience behaviour, AI and digital production, the role of public funds, a more ambitious sustainable film industry, paid advertising, how to remain relevant and reach young people, wellbeing, mental health and working conditions inside film industry – a total 360 perspective on how the close future of the industry looks like.

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27/03/2023 - 10:30H
Sala Mompou (SGAE)


Talk in English
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Keynote by Johanna Koljonen | Writer, broadcaster and media analyst
Introduction: Álex Navarro | Europa Creativa Desk – MEDIA Catalunya