Lolo & Sosaku – The End

Cinema Concert


Entering the world of Lolo & Sosaku is like entering a phantasmagoric realm, full of mechanical widgets from which the Argentinian-Japanese duo extracts fantasy sounds, surreal noise and a rabid creative freedom that always pushes the limits of the avant-garde. Their work plays with sculpture, painting, mechanics and noise in a sensory and intense journey, that fits perfectly with another rare avis of the creative world, Sergio Caballero: plastic artist, musician, filmmaker, co-founder of Sónar and creator of his unmistakable image. Caballero goes into the minds of the artistic duo and makes them the protagonists of his third feature Lolo & Sosaku – The Western Archive, a strange adventure that turns them into cowboys traveling the desert. The End is the culmination of the film in live sound apotheosis, in a performance premiered at Sónar 2023 and also presented at the Rotterdam Festival, which will bring all the magic of Lolo & Sosaku to D’A 2024.




Performance after the screening of Lolo & Sosaku – The Western Archive on April 12.

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