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“Your title is great, I congratulate you”. “Your title doesn’t work, change it”. What’s going on? Responding to situations like these, Álvaro Vega wants to address how filmmakers should manage the amount of feedback, often turned into noise, received by audiovisual projects in development when transiting the increasingly extensive circuit of labs, workshops, work in progress forums, residences and markets. How to protect the heart of my film from undesirable external interference while remaining open to great advice that happens in some of these industry spaces? The need to be protagonists, to take control and solid criterion about others opinion and feedback has become a necessary new skill for filmmakers today.

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28/03/2023 - 11:30H
Sala Mompou (SGAE)


Workshop in Spanish
Free entrance with previous registration

With Álvaro Vega | EAVE Expert & CEO at Doble Sentido