Podcast Un Impulso Colectivo



The Un Impulso Colectivo section of the D’A – Barcelona Film Festival, curated by film critic and UPF teacher Carlos Losilla and festival director Carlos R. Ríos, is reaching its tenth anniversary. It was born as a Focus in 2014, and the following year it already became a fixed section of the festival. The D’A – Barcelona Film Festival promotes a podcast in which it will take stock of the state of the matter and project a look back but above all forward to trace what remains of that original collective impulse and put the focus on the new artistic paths that are opening up, giving voice to new authors and trends. With a script by Víctor Esquirol and sound design by Matías Rossi, the Un Impulso Colectivo podcast will feature some of the most emblematic directors of the section and some of the festival’s stakes in Spanish independent cinema.

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Premiere of second season on September 2024.