Reinas del grito with Desirée de Fez



The podcast hosted by film critic and programmer Desirée de Fez and produced by the publisher Blackie Books revolves around the theme of fear, in its broadest sense, always with leading women, creators from different disciplines, in a relaxed talk that Desirée leads masterfully, looking for complicity and without hiding her vulnerabilities. Reinas del grito has presented conversation with many other incredible women such as the filmmakers Belén Funes, Carla Simón, Carlota Pereda, Claudia Llosa and Elena López Riera have passed through Reinas del grito; the writers Mariana Enriquez, Sara Mesa, Selva Almada, Pilar Pedraza, Elisa Victoria and Laura Fernández; the musicians Christina Rosenvinge and Javiera Mena; artist and activist Samantha Hudson and actress Barbara Lennie. In this new program, the guest will be the actress Bruna Cusí, who has a triple presence at the festival with the films El fantástico caso del Golem and Upon Entry and the short film Por la pista vacía.

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