ECAM Workshop: Film financing plan

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Producer and distributor Álex Lafuente (BTeam) joins us to offer a workshop looking at understanding the financial possibilities of our stories, particularly looking at emerging independent features. This session will address how to design a realistic film financing plan based on the economic viability of what the story demands, starting from the mapping of private and public resources at national, regional and transnational levels, as well as the different funding possibilities. This session will offer tips to emerging producers to establish an effective roadmap to unlock the economic potential of their project.

Winner of the Goya for Best Film in 2021 with Schoolgirls, and behind some of the most notable successes of recent Spanish independent cinema, Álex Lafuente has produced the works of directors such as Paula Ortiz (The Bride), Belen Funes (A Thief’s Daughter), Pilar Palomero (Schoolgirls, La Maternal) or Nely Reguera (The Volunteer), as well as films by Isaki Lacuesta (Between Two Waters) or Carlos Vermut (Manticore), and is working on upcoming projects by Andrea Jaurrieta (Nina), Paula Ortiz (Teresa) or Borja Cobeaga (Los aitas) amongst others.

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29/03/2023 - 11:00H
Sala Mompou (Mompou)


Workshop in English
Free entrance with previous registration