Una película para cada año de tu vida



The film critic, director of SensaCine, #filmtwitter sensation and viral film youtuber, Alejandro G. Calvo, is visiting D’A to present his first book, Una película para cada año de tu vida, a guide to rediscover the relationship between cinema and life itself. A compendium that gathers from The Tree of Life by Terrence Malick to the Toy Story saga, all as a response to the vital stages and challenges of each moment, being the art of cinema a mirror and personal oracle. Calvo explores how Spielberg connects with our dreams, how Lynch confronts us with our deepest nightmares and revisits Godard to talk about love. With the book by the creator of Cine A Quemarropa and Tarde de perros (SensaCine, YouTube), full of erudition and first-person narrative, we will be able to glimpse something more of the role of cinema as an indispensable art of our own emotional arc. Presented by Desirée de Fez.

*Book sale and signing.

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25/03/2023 - 12:30H
Mirador CCCB