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We bring together filmmakers and national film collectives to think and dream together about other ways of making film ina truly collective way. In the modern history of cinema there are numerous experiences of filmmakers coming together to debunk hierarchies in the process of making a film, setting up film collectives seeking to dissolve the individual element, making and signing films collectively. Taking the need for departments, specializations, positions and responsibility that the film industry requires, we find filmmakers who consciously reject assimilating a standardized way of making films as a given, and thinking actively about alternative ways in which filmmaking can activate powerful human and artistic collective processes.

We address the tensions that film collectives face when resisting or adapting to the norms, forms and systems demanded by the film industry (requirements of film funding systems, film festivals like ours, ways of writing, shooting and making films). We invite you to join us on a journey to the heart of the utopia achieved by several national collectives, making films in another way, that indeed it is possible.


29/03/2023 - 12:30H
Sala Mompou (SGAE)


Talk in Spanish
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With: Carlos Pardo Ros, María Antón Cabot (Colectivo lacasinegra) Ekain Albite, Adrià Roca (Colectivo Negu), Alba Cros, Nora Haddad