It’s inevitable that each year some movies sneak in to D’A with the coming–of-age central axis, in all is changes. On one side is the weakness of the festival’s director (we are not revealing here any unspeakable secret). On the other side, many debuting directors do so with a retrospective approach that contemplates within the distance, with rawness and tenderness, that inevitable moment of becoming great.

Girls take the reins of the situation and explore their sexuality through unconventional road like Bang Gang, directed by Eva Husson waking the rage of ultra catholic association that in France wants to ban movies like Antichrist or Las Plantas from Chilean director Roberto Doveris. We also find teen oriented in Mate-me por favor by Anita Rocha da Silveira, a film in between titles like Donnie Darko and more ironic youth horror variants. Mi Hermana perfecta has a different kind of problem, the debate between the fidelity of a sister, revealing a secret of her self-destruction. Finally, the title with the most punching name of the festival, Te prometo anarquía, which easily meets his promise: two young blood trafficking skaters suddenly awake to adulthood when they make a mistake. The film left the Donosti Festival with a Special Mention.