In 2014, the D’A presented the cycle “A Collective impulse”, a selection of diverse cinematic proposals of the alternative Spanish cinema that began to appear in festivals and independent programming. Three years later, that “new” cinema no longer hidden, it’s reaching distribution and commercial cinemas with more force each time, winning field in the most prestigious awards with an increasing audience that has become more enthusiastic than ever. It’s time to make some questions: What was that first “impulse”? Is it still so free and demanding? What has been of those that formed that “first wave”?

Following the success of the first cycle, after its pass through diverse national and international programming, the D’A has decided to prolong the experience and keep track of that trend as well as detect the latest proposals. As the audience will see, some filmmakers continue the gap, while others incorporate with more renewed and elaborated aesthetics. We’ll find old friends and we’ll meet some others. We’ll find out that the styles and tones are getting wider – from the experiment to the comedy, from non fictional to rehearsal, from political claim to a generational manifest – and covers more major areas. And above this, we’ll see the impulse has not yielded: on the contrary, it has become a tsunami that already threatens to take everything ahead, to end the deadly boredom that sometimes surrounds us.

Carlos Losilla
Un Impulso Colectivo 2017 Curator