On this 6th edition, the spot for D’A – International Festival of Auteur Cinema of Barcelona is made by Argentinean director Matías Piñeiro, whose movies have been featured in past editions of the festival like Viola or La princesa de Francia. Piñeiro takes over Luis López Carrasco, Albert Serra, Santi Gila and Marçal Forés with a small piece starring his usual actresses and explained in his own words: ” The scene ends, but the director doesn’t says “cut”. The actresses keep acting. What remains on scene? The pleasure of filmmaking. A Frenzy”.

Check the spot by clicking on the image. The complete D’A 2016 programming and tickets will be available on April 5th. Until April 5th, the 5+ tickets package will be on sale for 25€. From April 5th the price will be 30€.