It shouldn’t be news but we can’t hide it. When festivals like Cannes only select three female directors in their official selection of 2016, it has to be said. That’s why D’A celebrate eight movie nominations written and directed by women. From one of the main figures of the new Greek cinema that has surprised around the world, like Rachel Athina Isangari with this Chevalier that portraits a male excursion as a fierce critic to the patriarch and competitive male to radical proposals coming from Brazil (Mate-me miedo favor), Israel (Montain) or France (Bang Gang). Isa Campo co-directs La propera pell with Isaki Lacuesta, her debut in directing after a long dedication to production and cinematographic writing. Completing this scenery of debuting directors are Rachel Lang (Baden Baden) and Sanna Lenken (Mi perfecta hermana) and the award winners to best script in Sundance – World Cinema, Mi amiga del parque by Ana Kazt.