The list of titles in this year’s Un Impulso Colectivo section at the D’A Film Festival Barcelona could be viewed as being akin to war report: the situation is difficult, but we are holding our positions. And that’s not something decided by us, but by the different films, which reflect such stubbornness and obstinacy. Although the status quo still makes it very difficult to make good cinema, and although young moviemakers must overcome a thousand and one hurdles before the cameras can start rolling, this is not preventing from them doing just that. However, there is no longer any place for naivety or candour, or even for half measures. Things are the way they are, and this needs to be made clear to all and sundry, even at the risk of raising a commotion. And so our impulses have become ever more combative and less and less complacent.

The films in this edition come across as if they had been made in a minefield, in a context in which the younger generations operate and survive as best they can. And this is reflected in strikingly alternative aesthetics, which aggressively refuse to bend to the demands of the mainstream. The general ensign seems to be one of resistance at all cost, but this has not prevented a certain melancholy from being instilled within them, both for the battles lost as for the times left behind. So the images offered by this section are both beautiful and provocative, and portray the idea that there shall be no surrender either in terms of style or message, and that we must not give up or renounce a thing. And so, the short films this year have also taken on an unusual central role. With their guerrilla format, these ferocious and laconically brief snatches are the finest possible testimony of the state of affairs.

Carlos Losilla