This year at the D’A 2019 we are going to working with the idea of #placeresculpables (guilty pleasures). Guilty pleasures are those that we confess to someone, normally our close friends, in search of their complicity and understanding, but also in the hope that that person might share them with us. We recognize each other through these shared pleasures. A guilty pleasure is also something brave. It reveals something about us. It is a personal satisfaction, far removed from appearance or imposture: “I like this. Yeah. So what?” It is an admission that we feel proud of. It is an intimate pleasure that needs no explanation, but that reaffirms our own private decision. Just like the films —intense, unexpected, unprecedented, independent, fiercely new and alternative— that we’ll be sharing for ten days at the D’A Film Festival Barcelona. And we are sure that these films will get us to recognize each other as both friends and accomplices.