David Moragas is the director of the D’A 2021 short, a single-shot piece starring Oriol Pla and Eneko Sagardoy that celebrates everything there is between two normalities: the one that was and the one that will be. Moragas, director of A Stormy Night (the film that closed D’A 2020), thus adds his name to the list of directors who have accepted D’A Film Festival Barcelona’s offer to put into images what the festival means to them. And that’s a list that already includes the likes of Luis López Carrasco, Carla Simón, Albert Serra, Marc Ferrer and Marçal Forés.

These are the words that the director himself sent us to illustrate his short titled Men tres tant:

It was April again. At dusk we shut the window and in the schoolyard across the way the children yelled. The dirty sheets. The broken cistern. The swallows. An unhung painting. The D’A. We’ve all grown a bit more hair and our skin has gone darker. We promised ourselves. That it would never happen again. But we still have a lot more mistakes to make. In the meantime…

This piece is a reflection on everything that happens despite the circumstances. At such a difficult time I felt like celebrating everything there is between one normal and another. With Eneko Sagardoy and Oriol Pla: two actors who perform a minute of history with all the complexity in the world.