With only four fiction feature films she has become one of the most prominent voices on the international film scene. Her work draws on Italian Neorealism and a very characteristic magical realism that had one of its peaks with Happy as Lazzaro, awarded at the Cannes, Sitges and Chicago film festivals, among others. Before, with The Wonders, she already won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes.


La Chimera (2023, D'A 2024), Le pupille (short film, 2022), Futura (co-directed, 2021), Four Roads (short film, 2020), Ad una mela (short film, 2020), Omelia contadina (short film, 2020), Happy as Lazzaro (2018), Violettina (short film, 2016), De Djess (short film, 2015), The Wonders (2014), Corpo celeste (2011)