(Marín, 1976) Already a familiar well-known director in D’A. His feature film Dos fragmentos/Eva, together with the short film Septiembre (Los amores jóvenes), seems to be the origin of Las altas presiones (2014). He is as well developing cinema workshops with kids and teenagers inside the program Cinema en Curs (A Bao A Qu).


M. (Manuel Moldes, Pontevedra Suite 1983-1987) (curt, 2017), Las Altas Presiones (2014, D'A 2015), Fantasmas#2 (curt, 2012), Fantasmas#1 (curt, 2010), Dos Fragmentos/Eva (2101), O Cazador (curt, 2008), Septiembre (Los amores jóvenes) (2007)