She lives and works in Brussels. A graduate of the Le Fresnoy national studio, she makes short and medium-length films that play with the border between documentary cinema and fiction. Her work articulates notions such as belief and knowledge, craftsmanship and new technologies, history and myth, expertise and amateurism. Camping du lac is her debut feature, and was awarded at Locarno 2023. 


Camping du lac (2023, D'A 2024), A Girl From Ouessant (short film, 2018), Wild Beasts (mid-length film, 2015), L’Esprit de la roche (short film, 2015), Johanna (short film, 2012), The Unfortunates (mid-length film, 2012), Un film abécédaire (short film, 2010), Les Petites personnes (short film, 2003)