He is a director and screenwriter of documentaries. He graduated in Audiovisual Communication at the Ramon Llull University of Barcelona. There he met Oriol Martínez, with whom he founded the production company Häns. His films, including Glance Up and The Peach Blossom Garden, have been awarded at festivals such as Alcine, Malaga, MiradasDoc, Moscow and DocsBarcelona.


Cantando en las azoteas (2021, D'A 2022), Greykey (short, 2018), Xiong di (short, 2016), The Peach Blossom Flowers (codirected, 2016), Glance Up (codirected, 2014), Take Me to the Moon (short, codirected, 2014), La colla (short, 2013), Bespoke (short, 2012)