She is a filmmaker, with a degree in Hispanic Philology and a Master’s in Film Directing in New York. She has directed seven short films, between fiction and documentary, which have been screened at more than 200 festivals and have received numerous awards. Her debut feature, Tan antiguo como el mundo, won the Golden Círculo Precolombino at the Bogotá Film Festival, and her film Sub Terrae was awarded in Alcances, Medina del Campo and Abycine.


Derivas (curt, 2020), Selfie (curt, 2019), En esas tierras (curt, 2017), Sub Terrae (curt, 2017), Un día cualquiera (curt, 2014), Tan antiguo como el mundo (2012), Things in Common (curt, 2011), Encounter (curt, 2010), Anniversary (curt, 2009)