Jekaterina Oertel graduated from the Moscow Film and Theatre School. She began her professional career as a makeup artist until she became head of the department and worked for more than fifty national and international productions of filmmakers such as Tom Tykwer or Roland Emmerich. Since 2008 she has been involved in DAU project, for which she has been co-director and makeup and hairdressing artist.


DAU. Natasha (codirigit, 2020), DAU. Sasha Valera (codirigit, 2020), DAU. Katya Tanya (codirigit, 2020), DAU. Nikita Tanya (codirigit, 2020), DAU. Three Days (codirigit, 2020), DAU. Nora Mother (codirigit, 2020), DAU. Nora Son (codirigit, 2020)