He is a film director and researcher. After studying Audiovisual Communication at the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU) he graduated in Film Directing at ECAM. In 2008 he founded, together with Luis López Carrasco and Natalia Marín Sancho, the Los Hijos collective, with which he was awarded at Punto de Vista and to whom the Mar del Plata Festival dedicated a retrospective. Anunciaron tormenta is his first solo feature film.


Anunciaron tormenta (2020), Karaoke España (curt, codirigit, 2015), Árboles (codirigit, 2013, D'A 2014), Evacuación (curt, codirigit, 2012), Circo (codirigit, 2010), Los materiales (codirigit, 2010), El sol en el sol del membrillo (curt, codirigit, 2008), Señales de indiferencia (curt, 2007)