A Bright Sun is a collective project by Mònica Cambra Domínguez, Ariadna Fortuny Cardona, Clàudia Garcia de Dios, Lucía Herrera Pérez and Mònica Tort Pallarès, winner of the D’A Film Lab 2022 award and Special Mention of the Jury in Primer Test of REC Film Festival. The five filmmakers met during their Audiovisual Communication Degree at Pompeu Fabra University, where the seed for A Bright Sun germinated. Mònica Cambra and Ariadna Fortuny, the directors, had already directed the short film Els esvaïts together.


Un sol radiant (co-directed, 2023, D'A 2023), Els esvaïts (short film, co-directed, 2019)