Born in 1975 in Tel-Aviv, Nadav Lapid studied philosophy at Tel-Aviv University, French literature in Paris and film in Jerusalem-based Sam Spiegel School. After he directed three shorts, published a novel and worked a literary critic and a sports reporter, he was admitted to the Cannes Film Festival’s Cinéfondation in 2008 where he wrote his first feature film.


Ahed’s Knee (2021, D’A 2022), The Star (curt, 2021), Sinónimos (2019), From the Diary of a Wedding Photographer (migmetratge, 2016), Why? (curt, 2015), La professora de parvulari (2014, D’A 2015, D'A 2022), Ammunition Hill (curt, 2006), Policía en Israel (2011), Émile’s Girlfriend (migmetratge, 2006), Kvish, (curt, 2005), Protect Gvul (curt, 2004)