As a Belgian citizen of semi-Dutch heritage, Robin Pront is known for his straightforward and no-nonsense style.
He rose to prominence with his first short film Plan B, a short film about the drug scene in Antwerp and its
effects on the main characters. The film won the award for best short at the Leuven Film Festival in 2008, as
well as the Public’s Choice award. Having quickly made a name for himself, his next film, Injury Time, about
football hooliganism starring Bullhead stars Matthias Schoenaerts and Jeroen Perceval, received high critical
praise. Injury Time was his graduating film from the Sint-Lukas Academy in Brussels in 2010. It was selected
for several national and international festivals and won prizes in Brussels and Ghent.


The Ardennes (2015), Injury Time (2010, curt), 19:00h (2010, curt)