This year D’A Film Festival Barcelona is also going to Madrid at the Renoir Plaza de España cinemas, where from May 7 to 13 a selection of some of the best films presented in the original edition of Barcelona will be screened. Before the confirmation of the full program, we can share that the movies that will travel to Madrid will be the opening film of D’A 2021, Adiós, idiotas by Albert Dupontel, the revelation of the year of French cinema Las cosas que decimos, las cosas que hacemos, the emotional El teléfono del viento, director Nobuhiro Suwa’s return to his native Japan, and the premiere of Mía i Moi by Catalan Borja de la Vega, as well as Nunca volverá a nevar by Małgorzata Szumowska, star of focus D’A 2021.

These are the movies that will be screened in Madrid:

Adiós, idiotas by Albert Dupontel (France, 2020)
Armugán by Jo Sol (Spain, 2021)
Berlin Alexanderplatz by Burhan Qurbani (Germany, 2020)
El teléfono del viento by Nobuhiro Suwa (Japan, 2020)
Karen by María Pérez Sanz (Spain, 2020)
Mamá, mamá, mamá by Sol Berruezo (Argentina, 2020)
Mía y Moi by Borja de la Vega (Spain, 2021)
Nunca volverá a nevar by Małgorzata Szumowska (Poland, 2020)
Poppy Field by Eugen Jebeleanu (Romania, 2020)
Ricochet by Rodrigo Fiallega (Mexic, Spain, 2020)
Rizi (Days) by Tsai Ming-liang (Taiwan, France, 2020)
Seize printemps by Suzanne Lindon (France, 2020)