Since its inception, the D’A – Barcelona Film Festival has been building a collection of small author’s pieces, the D’A short films, created especially for the festival, with total freedom on the part of the filmmakers, who sometimes give their vision of what the festival is and others go off on tangents and shoot the senses in a thousand directions.

Elena Martín Gimeno (the celebrated director of Júlia ist and Creatura) accepted the challenge of D’A 2024 and presents Grrr!, a very special, very cool and very elegant piece set in a boring office where someone has the wallpaper poster for the fourteenth edition of the festival in her computer.

The synopsis reads like this: “2006. Mònica (Yolanda Sey) is bored day after day in the office where, in addition, she must work overtime to get to everything. As if that were not enough, she must drag Jordi (Nao Albet) along. , her co-worker who does the excels late and poorly. The only thing left for Mònica when the day is over is to take refuge in a disturbing role-play, in which she vents her repressed aggressiveness.”

In the words of Elena Martín Gimeno: “A female character who expresses her aggressiveness without fear is unusual to see in fiction unless it is a fantastic character or a woman who does it for self-defense. Cinema that generates comedy from blows, falls and fights is reserved for male characters, so in the short I wanted to explore what happens when a character like Mònica does not feel threatened or besieged, but instead plays with her strength simply because she can. And because Jordi, the noise of his chair and his irritating sips of coffee awaken his deepest desire for destruction.

We also do our own reading: checking the D’A 2024 schedule on the work computer screen can provoke passionate and radical reactions!

Thanks to the entire team that has made Grrr! possible, and from D’A 2024 special thanks to Elena Martín for her special touch and to Marta Cruañas who has led the production of the project and to Canada for its support.

ⓒ Foto: Sofia Nicolini

With Yolanda Sey and Nao Albet
Director: Elena Martín Gimeno
Photography Direction: Núria Gascón
Focus guide: Sofía Nicolini
Gaffer: Ricard Tena
Gaffer: Joan Sanso
Electrical: Álex Moya
Direct sound: Diego Pedragosa
Sound design: Diego Pedragosa
Art direction: Andrea Salas (AASS), Álvaro Sardà (AASS)
Makeup and hair: Andrea Trenado
Costumes: Júlia Puig
Editing: Alex Sardà
Movement: Ester Guntín
Color: Luna Saez
Post-production: Álvaro Posadas, Marta Ferrero
Credits: Lena Asrshakyan
Post-production manager: Javier Botella
Production: Marta Cruañas Compés, Xavi Vara
Camera and light equipment: Napalm Rentals
Transport: Modasa
Costumes: The Charlotte Local
Acknowledgments: Laura Juesas, Magí Sardà, Xavier Martí, Andrés (TAI) Ordóñez
With the collaboration of CANADA and Napalm Rentals