I am the voice that is not heard; the one that asks and listens to Elena López Riera, the Burnin’ Percebes, Andrés Duque, Alba Cros, Luis López Carrasco, Pablo García Canga, Zaida Carmona, Marc Ferrer, Chema García Ibarra and Carlos R. Ríos and Carlos Losilla. “Los Carlos”. To the latter and to the entire D’A team goes my most sincere thanks: for their confidence in involving me in such an ambitious and exciting project, and also for giving me the privilege of being surrounded by such beautiful companies.

Un Impulso Colectivo celebrates 10 years listening, also, and learning from some of the many voices that have given it its own identity; that have taken our cinematography to the peripheries of that “other cinema”, territories that can only be understood through the plurality of opinions and points of view. Conceived as a meeting place (like the section that gives it its name), this podcast aims to be a group celebration of everything that, despite everything, unites us in the pleasure of discovering a different film.

It is difficult (very difficult) to be a filmmaker in the margins, and perhaps because of this, it is sublime to find someone who shares interests, concerns, fears and, of course, the hope that the “Collective Impulse” prevails over the difficulties, precariousness and misunderstandings of our times. And yes, above all this, we will always have the comforting warmth of an enlightening reflection, of empathy with those who are in front of the camera, of an awkward but well-drawn joke, of an acting work outside any canon, of a force of nature that is not fully understood, of a text that years later, continues to offer new readings…

Of a cinema that speaks and (is) listened to with humility, kindness and an irrepressible desire to continue stimulating and challenging its audience.

– Víctor Esquirol