Where is the festival held?

The festival takes place in Barcelona and Madrid, and online at Filmin. Here you have all the information about venues.

Where can I buy the tickets?

You can buy tickets online in the file of each film or directly in the general sale link. You can also buy tickets in person at the single box office inside the CCCB from the first day of the festival. In any case, we recommend buying tickets online preferably.

I have not received the tickets in my email, what can I do?

Sometimes the sending can take a few minutes due to server overload, but here are some steps you can take to check it. First of all, check in the account associated with the credit / debit card with which you have made the payment if the charge has been made. If so, check the spam folders of your email account. If the charge has been made and after 30 minutes you still have not received the tickets, write us an email to info@dafilmfestival.com.

Can I change a ticket or ask for a refund of a ticket or a season ticket?

No. The Festival does not accept changes or refunds, except in cases where the organization cancels a pass or an event, or causes of force majeure decreed by the health authorities.

When do the festival ticket offices open?

The ticket offices of the festival in Barcelona will open on April 30 in the hall of the CCCB Theater and Zumzeig. There you can buy tickets for all sessions of the festival except those at the Filmoteca de Catalunya. The box office hours will begin thirty minutes before the first session of the day and will close at 8:00 p.m. D’A 2021 tickets can’t be bought at Renoir Floridablanca box office.

When can I redeem my pass?

You can redeem your pass online from April 20, at which time 48 hours of exclusive pre-sale will be activated for pass holders, before the sale of individual tickets. You can also redeem it in person from the first day of the festival at the D’A 2021 single box office.

Are the tickets nominal?

Yes, due to the COVID-19 measures, the tickets – both those bought online and those bought in person – will be assigned a name and a DNI.

Can I buy last minute tickets for sold out sessions?

The festival will not reserve tickets to sell last minute at the box office.

If I am late, can I enter my session?

You can’t enter once the session has started, for respect for the spectators who are already seated and because the tickets are numbered, and to comply with the protocol, everyone must be seated in their locality when the session begins.

The inauguration is opened to anybody or do I need an invitation?

The inauguration can only be attended by invitation. However, for those who want to watch it, the opening film has another session that can be accessed with regular admission.

How does the online festival work?

Films have different release dates on Filmin and there will be films available throughout the festival. Others have a limited number of viewings or days. You can check the schedule by days on the Filmin page, as well as the details of each premiere.

How can I access the online sessions?

You can access the online sessions through the Filmin platform. The D’A Film Festival Barcelona will take place at Filmin between April 30 and May 9.

Where can I see Filmin’s programme? How can I find out which movies are broadcast online?

All movies that can be watched online are indicated on our website. You can also find all the films that will be available to watch online during the festival on the D’A page on the Filmin website.

If I am already a Filmin subscriber, do I have access to all the films of the festival?

As a Filmin subscriber you will have access to a large part of the festival’s films, but there are some premium titles that will require a Filmin diamond ticket, which is not included in your monthly subscription and which you can buy on the platform itself.

I bought a season ticket for Christmas and I haven’t received the two Filmin diamonds, what do I do?

If you have not received the diamonds in your email, look in your spam mailbox. If they are not there, write to us at info@dafilmfestival.com.

Can I see the festival program from outside of Spain?

No, Filmin is only available in Spain. If you travel, thanks to the new European regulations, you can use your subscription in EU countries.

Can online viewings sold out?

The films with a maximum number of viewings will be specified in each film’s own site.

Can I watch the premium movies as many times as I want?

After using your diamond for a premium movie, you can watch it for 48 hours, and as many times as you like.

Can I watch the movies on different devices?

Yes, you can watch them from any of the Filmin compatible devices. Up to two devices simultaneously.