The D’A basics so you don’t get lost in the Festival

Do not get lost

The D’A – Barcelona Film Festival does not fall short, precisely. The offer is so large and varied that someone could easily get lost among films, concerts, talks, awards, workshops and retrospectives. 131 films (73 feature films and 59 shorts) fill the D’A lineup in this edition, with 111 absolute premieres in Catalonia, 52 films directed by women and 28 debut films.

So, what to choose?

  • If what you want are recommendations from the D’A people, here are the ten films for ten days from the Festival director and the reviews of the favorites from the programmers. With these, you won’t go wrong.
  • And don’t miss the thematic itineraries, an intuitive guide through the great leitmotivs of the selected films. Are you into road movies or metacinema? Yeah, we know, we are into both too!
  • Can’t find the Transitions section? You’re right, it’s not there. Now it’s Radar, a space of risk and discovery, radar of critically acclaimed works at international festivals and new looks at contemporary authorship.
  • If you value the experience of sharing impressions and ideas with the filmmakers who visit the festival, don’t miss the Meet the Directors – beer and film discussion: what a plan! – and all the talents who will visit us and you’ll find in the venues!
  • Weakness of D’A 2024? The special session of Tarde de Perros, the videopodcast by Alejandro G. Calvo and friends to discuss a cult classic, Leningrad Cowboys Go America by Aki Kaurismäki.

Where to find us

Last but not least

  • Buy in advance and you don’t need to print your tickets: help make D’A 2024 a more sustainable experience. Together we made it possible for the festival to receive two Greener Event stars.
  • Don’t forget to vote for everything you see. You are the one who decides the most democratic award, both for feature films and short films! This year also with an innovative system to vote from your mobile phone and stop accumulating paper waste.
  • If you want to know more about awards, juries and money money, here you have all the information.

Stop by and enjoy, and if you get lost, you know, make a film, tell us how to D’A!