Fuego fatuo (Will-O’-The-Wisp), João Pedro Rodrigues
Sixty-seven magical minutes of firemen, kings, forests, music, dances, songs, palaces… All slow cooked and seasoned with eroticism and ellipsis… because brevity is the soul of wit. A new delicacy from the director of the disturbing O Fanstama or the fascinating The Ornithologist.

The Happiest Man in The World, Teona Strugar Mitevska
The director dares to deal with the wounds of the third Balkan war, with an intense, stylized multifaceted drama, and a spectacular staging reminiscent of Xavier Dolan. The unity of time and space gives the film a theatrical spirit in the best of senses. An exercise in revisiting history, war, forgiveness and wounds with a cathartic ending.

Bowling Saturne, Patricia Mazuy
Patricia Mazuy embarks on a brave, incisive and testosteronic film noir about the contradictions of a patriarchy that considers itself invincible, unanimously starring men who have made violent and domineering virility their hallmark. Men who appear to be secure but hide no small amount of fragility.

Anhell89, Theo Montoya
A portrait of queer Medellín through a hybrid film that captures images of dark and disturbing beauty following a varied group of young people with all their identities, fissures, fears and desires. All this with an imaginative mise-en-scène that even adds images of a science fiction film that could never be finished starring “spectrophiliacs” or, what amounts to the same thing, characters who have sex with ghosts. One of the sensations of the season.

Nação Valente (Tommy Guns), Carlos Conceicão
We always get very stimulating proposals from Portugal, so D’A-like indeed. Here is an aesthetically impeccable new proposal. Mysterious, intriguing, mystical and morbid, with soldiers… and zombies.

Clorindo Testa, Mariano Llinás
One of the few films I haven’t seen yet and I can’t wait to see at D’A… The programming team is large and everyone speaks highly of this comedy by Mariano Llinás, an author who turns everything he touches into gold, as director of the cult film La flor or as screenwriter of the award-winning Argentina 1985.

Human Flowers of Flesh, Helena Wittmann
The German director will visit us on the first weekend of the festival to present and clarify many things about her observational, poetic, summery and seafaring film, with direct references to Claire Denis’ Beau travail.

When the Waves Are Gone, Lav Diaz
Lav Diaz is one of the great contemporary Asian directors, with long films that are also rich social portraits. On this occasion, he films a hard-hitting crime thriller in grimy black and white to depict the moral turpitude of a corrupt society in the Philippines.

Un Impulso Colectivo (A Collective Impulse) Short Films
The section and selection of short films at D’A is growing more and more. In 2023 it comes as a competitive section with 39 short films that will allow us to know the state of the art in the short length format, as well as to discover new talents and meet again with renowned filmmakers who take a chance on short films.

The Audiovisual Concerts of D’A 2023
For years, D’A has always taken care of the relationship between music and film, performing multiple acoustic and concerts during the festival. This year the proposal grows and we offer four spectacular concerts. A unique opportunity to taste the musical creations of Raül Refree with La aldea maldita (Florián Rey, 1930), J of Los Planetas and his music composed for the home movies of Iván Zulueta -cult director of Arrebato-, Ela Orleans on the myth of Salomé and, to close the cycle, the suggestive Hara Alonso i Alba G. Corral. Don’t miss it!