Topic: Coming-of-age


Rhys Ernst

Fresh and subversive comedy about a teenager who meets the girl of his dreams but there's one small drawback: she believes he is a trans boy. One of the indie films of the year.


Jorunn Myklebust Syversen

A teenage girl, stepdaughter of an evangelical pastor and disco dance champion, begins to receive a more conservative and tough education at the moment when she seems to have doubts about her faith.


Nariman Aliev

A powerful road movie in which a father and his young son transport the corpse of the older son, who died during the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, to bury him in his native region, Crimea.


Jessica Hausner

The film debut of Jessica Hausner is an incisive exploration on the toxicity of religious fundamentalism and youth misunderstanding shot in digital video and with non-professional actors.


Nunzia De Stefano

Film that distances itself, with humor and fantasy, from the typical social dramas, explaining the story of a teenager who sees in the circus her hope to flee from the context in which she lives.


Nathalie Biancheri

A solid, mysterious and atmospheric debut which follows the secret friendship relationship between a teenage girl and a man over thirty who is obsessed with her.