Bogdan Ilie-Micu

Romania 173 min Documentary


One hot July morning, Mihai jumps in the saddle of his trusted friend, Doyle, says goodbye to friends and loved ones, and embarks himself on the longest journey. He thought about going when he heard someone mentioning Mongolia in a phone conversation with a friend. In four months, if good God shows him grace, go all the way to Mongolia and back, around 26,000 kilometres.


Bogdan Ilie-Micu

Born in 1983, Ilie-Micu graduated Media University of Bucharest in 2009. A Dream’s Merchant is his first full-length film.

Filmography: A Dreams Merchant (2012), 5 Seconds (curt) (2008), Mutiny (curt) (2007), “el” Bus (curt) (2006).

Bogdan Ilie-Micu

Film information

Original Title: Un gând, un vis, Doyle… și-un pix.
Director: Bogdan Ilie-Micu
Script: Mihai Barbu, Bogdan Ilie-Micu.
Contact: Bogdan Ilie-Micu
With: Mihai Barbu, Ionut Kivu
Country: Romania
Year: 2012
Format: Digital
Length: 173 min
Language: Romanian
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2013