Anxos Fazáns

Spain 68 min Catalan premiere Fiction


Manoel, writer of vocation, needs a change in his life, something that it helps accept himself, that returns the happiness to him. This necessary energy comes when he meets again with Claudia and David, a youth’s pair of friends. Claudia’s unexpected disease leads them to use up the máximum of his last summer together. They begin a spiral of self-destruction of such a beauty that will motívate an already exhausted Manoel to take again the control of his life and with it, to recovering his project of youth, the novel of their lives.



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Anxos Fazáns

(Pontevedra, 1992) She studied a Master’s degree in Cinema Direction at ESCAC. She writes, directs and edits her own projects. The short-films Direcciones, Nacer en Septiembre and Área are her most standing out projects. A estación violenta is her first feature film.

Filmography: A estación violenta (2017), Área (curt, 2017), Nacer en septiembre (curt, 2015), Direcciones (curt, 2014)

Anxos Fazáns

Film information

Original Title: The wild season
Director: Anxos Fazáns
Script: Anxos Fazáns, Ángel Santos, Daniel Froiz, Xacobe Casas
Contact: Matriuska Producciones
With: Alberto Rolán, Nerea Barros, Xosé Barato, Antonio Durán "Morris", Laura Lamontagne, Xiana Arias
Country: Spain
Year: 2017
Format: DCP
Length: 68 min
Language: Galician
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2018