Rocío Caliri, Melina Marcow

Argentina 68 min min Fiction


In a Danish colony, sometime during the first decades of the twentieth century, a farming family awaits the birth of their first child. The baby is born with a malformation and the mother dies in childbirth.  Dinko Hansen subjects the child to an unconventional medical treatment, going against his wife’s family’s belief in the inviolability of the body. Dinko hides the child’s condition from his family and friends, claiming instead that his livestock is affected by a plague to prevent anyone from entering or leaving the land. *Spanish première


Melina Marcow & Rocío Caliri

Rocío Caliri and Melina Marcow founded the production company Hulot Cine in late 2012. They filmed their first movie Announce Earthquakes in Jujuy, a state in the north of Argentina. The film had its world premiere at BAFICI 2014, in the Panorama section. Their second feature film is A los niños la belleza.

Filmography: A los niños la belleza (2015), Announce Earthquakes in Jujuy (2014)

Melina Marcow & Rocío Caliri

Film information

Original Title: To the Children the Beauty
Director: Rocío Caliri, Melina Marcow
Script: Melina Marcow
Contact: The Open Reel
With: Paolo Sambrini, Cristián Jensen, Elsa Juri, Victoria Cipriota, Rubén Parisi, Mijal Katzowicz, Alina Tolubinska, Juan García
Country: Argentina
Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Length: 68 min min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Edition: 2017