Lluís Galter

Un impulso colectivo España 70 min World Premiere Fiction


Summertime. In a camping, three little girls listen to an old mysterious story about a missing kid. They start to investigate.

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Lluís Galter

His debut film, Caracremada, was premiered in the Orizzonti section of Venice Film Festival and in San Sebastián, and his second feature, the documentary La substància, was part of the Visions du Réel and Seville festivals. Graduated in Audiovisual Communication at Pompeu Fabra University, Galter has combined television and film directing. His works propose dialogues between people and their human and natural environments.

Filmography: Aftersun (2022, D’A 2022), La substància (2016), H (short, 2015), Caracremada (2010, D’A 2011), Exemple de l’agró (2007, short), Berlin. Nova simfonia en 326 postals (2005, documentary short), Kapr (2005, documentary short)

Lluís Galter

Film information

Director: Lluís Galter
Script: Lluís Galter
Contact: Lluís Galter
With: Àlex Moreu, Carmela Poch, Àgueda Suros, Ainoa Suros, Lola Daniel, Marc Sánchez
Country: España
Year: 2022
Format: Digital
Length: 70 min
Language: Catalan, German
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2022