Beatriz Pérez Martín

Simfonies de ciutat Spain 22 min World Premiere Documentary


If the city is built by people and these are built by emotions, what spaces in the metropolis are reserved for our most human part? Do these spaces really exist? Amalgamation is the need to return to the origin to reconnect with our center; it is the transition between reason and emotion, the center and the periphery, the limits and the paths to be discovered. It is finding the balance within the extremes; it is that shade between black and white, it is the noise that becomes music, it is a movement when everything is still. It is the contradiction of living between what we are and what is expected of us, and how this contradiction is transformed into an emotional walk towards acceptance.

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CityShort FilmFemale DirectorDocumentarySocial Issues


Beatriz Pérez Martín

She is a director, photographer and educator. She studied Audiovisual at Sant Ignasi Sarrià and Audiovisual Communication at Pompeu Fabra University, where she directed her first short films. She has collaborated with production companies such as Nanouk Films, Miss Wassabi or Erika Lust, and is currently developing her first feature film.

Filmography: Amalgama (short, 2022, D'A 2022), Nobody Is Perfect (curt, 2017)

Beatriz Pérez Martín

Film information

Director: Beatriz Pérez Martín
Script: Beatriz Pérez Martín
Contact: CCCB
With: Dana Carbonell
Country: Spain
Year: 2022
Format: Digital
Length: 22 min
Language: Spanish
Edition: 2022