Amor sin ciudad

Pedro Sara, Violeta Pagán

Un impulso colectivo Spain 72 min Catalan premiere Fiction


Madrid is a dark animal that threatens to break into a thousand pieces the bond of the beings that inhabit it. Tokio is a 20-year-old girl looking for a name on the outskirts. Azzdinne is a minor migrant who has just arrived from Morocco to a town lost in the plain of Castile. Six women explore the scarlets on her body. A group of friends finds a companion who has escaped from the juvenile center where they live. 11 stories about people in transit of what hurts. All take place in no-places (transitory places), where they are forced to learn to survive with no other resources than their fleshless hearts. The city as the scene of the crisis of family identity.

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LoveSpanish CinemaComing-of-ageSexSocial Issues


Pedro Sara, Violeta Pagán

Pedro Sara is a filmmaker and photographer, and Violeta Pagán is a psychologist and filmmaker. They have co-directed two feature films, both selected at the Gijón Festival: Las edades sensibles de la luz and Amor sin ciudad, the latter of which emerged within the framework of the Dentro Cine school in Matadero de Madrid. They are also creators of the Unocine school, dedicated to the cinematographic training of young people in vulnerable situations.

Filmography: Amor sin ciudad (2020), Las edades sensibles de la luz (2019)

Pedro Sara, Violeta Pagán

Film information

Int. title: Love Without City
Director: Pedro Sara, Violeta Pagán
Script: Pedro Sara, Violeta Pagán
Contact: 24 posibilidades por segundo
With: Gloria Casanueva, Isabel Castaño, Víctor Castaño, Azzddine Fikri, Daniel González, Xiomara García
Country: Spain
Year: 2020
Format: DCP
Length: 72 min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Subtitles in Filmin: English
Edition: 2021


Amor sin ciudad