Hu Bo

China 230 min. min Catalan premiere Fiction


To protect his friend, 16-year-old Wei Bu pushes the school bully down the staircase and escapes the scene after the bully becomes hospitalized with his life hanging by a thread. Wei’s neighbor, the 60-year-old Wang Jin, is estranged from his family and decides to join him. Huang Ling, Wei’s classmate, is bedeviled by an affair with the school official. Together, the desperate three decide to flee as the wounded bully’s hooligan brother, the school authorities and the parents all go on a cold-blooded hunt for Wei across town.


Asian CinemaFirst FeatureSocial Issues


Hu Bo

(China, 1988) He studied Cinema at the University of Cinema of Beijing. He also wrote two novels (Huge Crack and Bullfrog). With An Elephant Sitting Still he won a special mention as the Best First Feature and the FIPRESCI prize in Berlin 2018. Hu Bo committed suicide at the age of 29 after finishing the postproduction of An Elephant Sitting Still.

Filmography: An Elephant Sitting Still (2017), Distant Father (curt, 2014), Night Runner (curt, 2014)

Hu Bo

Film information

Original Title: Da xiang xi di er zuo
Director: Hu Bo
Script: Hu Bo
Contact: Capricci Cine
With: Zhang Yu, Peng Yuchang, Wang Yuwen, Liu Congxi
Country: China
Year: 2018
Format: DCP
Length: 230 min. min
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2019


Best First Feature Award - Special Mention and FIPRESCI Award - Forum in Berlin | Golden Horse Award for the Best Film, Best Adaptded Screenplay and Audience Choice Award at the Golden Horse Film Award | Audience Choice Award in Hong Kong