Blanca Torres, Gabriel Velázquez

Spain 64 min min Fiction


In the 1930s, a bearded man without any memory appeared in the Pyrenean mountains. The first foreign visitor in those lands became an object of study for Dr. Pedro Martínez, who ran a psychiatric clinic in the area, and who made a filmed study of the man from the point of view of the primitive psychiatry of the time, highly influenced by phrenology. Two reels of silent film are what is left of his work, an attempt to disentangle the mystery of the “Englishman”, educated and refined, a real extraterrestrial in an area marked by the biological consequences of endogamy and incest. *Catalan première



Blanca Torres

Blanca Torres is a writer and editor, known for Ärtico (2014), Iceberg (2011) and Análisis de sangre azul (2016).

Filmography: Análisis de sangre azul (2016)

Blanca Torres

Gabriel Velázquez

Salamanca, 1968. In 2005, he produces, directs and writes Sud Expres, which won the Signis at the Festival of San Sebastian. In 2011, produces, directs and writes Iceberg, present in the Official Section Competition Festival of Gijón. He is currently preparing his next project, Folk, the rescue of more atavistic and folklore spirit through the eyes of a child.

Filmography: Análisis de sangre azul (2016), Ärtico (2014), Iceberg (2011, D’A 2012), Amateurs (2008), Sud Express (2005)

Gabriel Velázquez

Film information

Director: Blanca Torres, Gabriel Velázquez
Script: Blanca Torres, Gabriel Velázquez
Contact: Pirámide Films
With: Anders Lindström i grup de teatre Arcadia
Country: Spain
Year: 2016
Format: DCP
Length: 64 min min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Edition: 2017