Anatomía del infierno

Catherine Breillat

Focus France 77 min Fiction


In places where people rub up against each other without ever meeting, where techno music pulsates and urges bodies on, they dance, they weave, they meld in a primordial hydra made up of male bodies. In the abrupt desire for the other, they are men among themselves, they’re all each other needs. She is the girl, breathtakingly beautiful, left on the sidelines. She slits her wrists with a razor blade in the restroom. Two fine parallel lines that only join in the blood that surges forth. And that’s how this couple meets. She’ll pay him, the man who doesn’t like women, to look at her. He tells her it will cost her plenty. She’ll pay him.


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Catherine Breillat

She is one of the great references of contemporary erotic cinema. Her work abounds with an incisive and epidermal look at sex and its aspects. Her filmography goes from luminous comedies to sordid thrillers. She has directed fifteen films, many of which have been part of the official sections of Cannes, Berlin or Chicago, where she won the Golden Hugo award for Best Film for À ma soeur!

Filmography: Last Summer (2023, D'A 2024), Abuse of Weakness (2013), The Sleeping Beauty (2010), Bluebeard (2009, D'A 2024), The Last Mistress (2007), Anatomy of Hell (2004, D'A 2024), Sex Is Comedy (2002, D'A 2024), Fat Girl (2001, D'A 2024), Brief Crossing (2001), Romance X (1999, D'A 2024), Perfect Love (1996, D'A 2024), À propos de Nice, la suite (col·lectiu, 1995), Dirty Like an Angel (1991), 36 Fillette (Virgin) (1988, D'A 2024), Nocturnal Uproar (1979), A Real Young Girl (1976, D'A 2024)

Catherine Breillat

Film information

Int. title: Anatomy of Hell
Director: Catherine Breillat
Script: Catherine Breillat
With: Amira Casar, Rocco Siffredi, Alexandre Belin, Manuel Taglang
Country: France
Year: 2004
Length: 77 min
Language: French
Subtitles: Catalan