Los Hijos

Espanya 61 min Documentary


The triptych begins in Guinea, in search of the oral legends and history of a people who resisted colonialism in very peculiar ways. This is followed by a hot afternoon, clammy and unsettling, spent by a family shut away in what seems to be an apartment on the outskirts of Madrid. And it ends with a couple who talk, trying to face the challenges of a complicated present with few perspectives for the future. Using an essay style and letting themselves be carried along by a productive free association of ideas, Los Hijos trace a journey thought the different ways in which the human being deals with what is built around him.

* Catalan première



Colectivo Los Hijos

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Javier Fernández Vázquez (Bilbao, 1980), Luis López Carrasco (Múrcia, 1981) i Natalia Marín Sancho (Saragossa, 1982) formen Los Hijos, la filmografia dels quals no distingeix entre curts i llargs, documental i avantguarda, realitat i ficció.

Filmography: Árboles (2013), Circo (2010), Los materiales (2009).

Colectivo Los Hijos

Natalia Marín

(Zaragoza, 1982) She is a filmmaker and teacher. Her work in the collective of experimental film Los hijos, together with Javier Fernández Vázquez and Luis López Carrasco, has been in many festivals and art centers. La casa de Julio Iglesias had its premiere in the last edition of Locarno.

Filmography: La casa de Julio Iglesias (curt, 2018), New Madrid (curt, 2016, D’A 2018), Árboles (amb Los Hijos, 2013, D’A 2014), Circo (Amb Los Hijos, 2010), Los materiales (Amb Los Hijos, 2010)

Natalia Marín

Film information

Original Title: Trees
Director: Los Hijos
Script: Los Hijos
Contact: Colectivo Los Hijos
With: Antonia Silebo, Pilar Loheto, Diana Tijerín Calderón, José Alberto Valles Martínez
Country: Espanya
Year: 2013
Format: Digital
Length: 61 min
Language: Spanish, Bubi
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2014