As Mortes

Cristóbal Arteaga Rozas

Spain, Chile 74 min Catalan premiere Fiction


Roxelio and Maruxa live in a small village in Galicia. Roxelio is a farmer. Maruxa has a chronic disease. Roxelio doesn’t know who Maruxa is. Maruxa doesn’t know who Rogelio is. Roxelio murdered Pilar. And so did Maruxa.


Social IssuesThriller


Cristóbal Arteaga

He studied Screenplay at the Catholic University of Chile and moved to Madrid, where he studied Screenplay and Direction at the Film Institute. In 2013 he shot El triste olor de la carne, premiered at Karlovy Vary, screened at D’A 2014 and awarded in Seville. He has directed six feature films with which he has toured many festivals such as Cineuropa or Gijón, where he has presented many of his works. The Construction of a Sound is the first film he shoots in his native Chile.

Filmography: Construcción de un sonido (short, 2021, D'A 2022), Homo Homini Lupus (2020), As mortes (2019, D'A 2020), La declaración de los objetos (2016, D'A 2017), Ave y nada (2015), Faro sin isla (2014), El triste olor de la carne (2013, D'A 2014)

Cristóbal Arteaga

Film information

Original Title: The Deaths
Director: Cristóbal Arteaga Rozas
Script: Cristóbal Arteaga Rozas
Contact: SouthBorder Distribuition
With: Alfredo Rodríguez, Olga Cameselle, Orisel Gaspar, Miguel Borines, Manuel Polo, Xoana Baz, Merche, Toni, Roxelio Vásquez, Manuel Paz, Samantha
Country: Spain, Chile
Year: 2019
Format: DCP
Length: 74 min
Language: Galician
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2020


As Mortes