Denis Côté

Canada 72 min Fiction


Animals/People: Along the rhythm of the changing seasons they watch one another. Bestiaire unfolds like a filmic picture book about mutual observation, about peculiar perception. A contemplation of a stable imbalance, and of lose, tranquile and indefinable elements. In the process, the film also seems to be considering the question of how animals can be filmed. A form of choreography to emerge to the accompaniment of the surrounding noises, a cinematic bestiary in which man too takes his place among the stoic, impassive, impatient, wild and rebellious animals.


Film information

Original Title: Bestiaire
Director: Denis Côté
Script: Denis Côté
Contact: Figa Films
Country: Canada
Year: 2012
Format: Digital
Length: 72 min
Language: Without dialogues
Subtitles: Without subtitles
Edition: 2012