Bram Schouw

Holland 106 min Spanish premiere Fiction


Lukas and Alexander, brothers, are opposites, but they have a very strong bond. Lukas is quite shy and looks up to his high-spirited older brother, and follows him everywhere. When Alexander decides to go to France, Lukas comes along. On their road trip south they grow every closer. During a stopover in a French village, however, the differences between the brothers are painfully exposed, and it becomes clear that Lukas will have to go his own way. It is a decisive moment, and the start of a quest for his own identity.


Bram Schouw

(Holanda, 1979) He graduated with honors from the Utrecht School of the Arts. His graduation film Marriage was the official opening film for Curta Cinema Rio de Janeiro 2005. His second short film Impasse had its world premiere at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2008 . Bram Schouw is also an award winning commercial director. Brothers is his first feature film.

Filmography: Brothers (2017), All Those Sunflowers (curt, 2014), Sevilla (curt, 2012), Impasse (curt, 2008), Marriage (curt, 2005)

Bram Schouw

Film information

Original Title: Broers
Director: Bram Schouw
Script: Marcel Roijaards
Contact: Wide Management
With: Jonas Smulders, Niels Gomperts, Christa Théret
Country: Holland
Year: 2017
Format: DCP
Length: 106 min
Language: Dutch, French, English
Subtitles: Spanish
Edition: 2018