Raya Martin

Spain/Phillipines 70 min Fiction


In another lifetime, a Spanish couple takes drugs and teleports through their television set. A troubled young man travels through the countryside and meets a lost woman. During the trip, they discover a museum housing the expatriated paintings of Juan Luna, the most important Filipino artist of the revolution. Eventually, the Spanish couple disappears toward their colony. Inspired by one of the earliest teleportation accounts, which happened between the Philippines and Mexico during the colonial period.


Raya Martin

Born in 1984 in Manila, Philippines. Graduated from the University of the Philippines Film Institute in 2005. He has currently directed 8 features and several short films. His latest works Independencia and Manila were shown at the Cannes Film Festival. He currently lives in Spain.

Filmography: Buenas noches España (2011), Manila (2009), Independencia (2009), Next Attraction (2008), Now Showing (2008), Autohystoria (2007)

Raya Martin

Film information

Original Title: Buenas Noches España
Director: Raya Martin
Script: Raya Martin
Contact: Pantalla Partida
With: Pilar López de Ayala, Andrés Gertrúdix
Country: Spain/Phillipines
Year: 2011
Format: Digital
Length: 70 min
Language: Without dialogs
Subtitles: Without subtitles
Edition: 2012