Seyfolah Samadian | Abbas Kiarostami

Iran 92 min min Documentary


This is a Portrait of an artist, whose exceptional approach to Art and life, defined him as one of the most ardent admirers of life itself. The leading aim of this documentary is to share 76 minutes and 15 seconds of undiscovered moments of Abbas Kiarostami’s life and work, in commemoration of his 76 years and 15 days of creative journey. The shots of this documentary are selected out of hundreds of hours of footages , filmed during 25 years of friendship, inside and outside Iran in various occasions: film festivals, photo exhibitions, photography sessions, artistic events, workshops and some unique moments of his daily life. *Catalan première

Festivals and Awards
Venice | Tokyo | Valladolid | Mar Del Plata | Dubai | Tallinn Black Nights | Marrakech

Abbas Kiarostami takes his camera to south of Italy and shows us a beautiful and playful video of alleys and stairs there. Premiering recently at Venice, shot in Black and white in the south of Italy, Abbas Kiarostami’s last short film masks a carefully constructed narrative that highlights the deceptive nature of his filmmaking and his deft manipulation of time and space. *Catalan première


Seyfolah Samadian

Seifollah Samadian (b. 1954, Iran) has been a photographer since 1968 and a documentary filmmaker since 1978. He is also the founding director of the Annual Image Visual Arts Festival and Tassvir Film Festival and founder and chief editor of Tassvir Magazine. His filmography includes: tehran, fall of 83 (1983, doc.), the white station (1999, short video art), the art of killing (2003, short video art) and once upon a time, marrakech (doc.)

Filmography: 76 Minutes and 15 Seconds with Abbas Kiarostami (2016), Tehran: Sa'at-e bist-o panj (curt documental, 1999)

Seyfolah Samadian

Abbas Kiarostami

Teheran, 1940. Abbas Kiarostami studied Fine Arts and founded the Cinematographic Department of the Institute for Children and Young Adults Intellectual Development that, in the course of the years, has produced a relevant number of high quality Iranian movies. In 1997 The Taste of Cherries obtained the Golden Palme at the Cannes Film Festival.

Filmography: Take me home (curt, 2016), Like Someone in Love (2012, D’A 2013), Copia certificada (2010), Five (2004), Ten (2002), El viento nos llevará (1999), El sabor de las cerezas (1997), A través de los olivos (1994), Life and Nothing More... (1992), Close-up (1990), Homework (1989), Where is my Friend's Home? (1987), The Traveler (1974)

Abbas Kiarostami

Film information

Director: Seyfolah Samadian | Abbas Kiarostami
Script: Seyfolah Samadian | Abbas Kiarostami
Contact: Iranian Independents
With: Abbas Kiarostami, Juliette Binoche, Massoud Kimiai, Jafar Panahi, Ali Reza Raiesian, Tahereh Ladanian
Country: Iran
Year: 2016
Format: Digital
Length: 92 min min
Language: Farsi
Subtitles: Spanish, English
Edition: 2017